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 too  dark


At 16, I realized for the first time (I remember the place and the faces of the people around me), that there is no external good or bad. Both live in all of us, we decide everyday, every second which side we grow.


That day, I was presenting to my classmates on the Holocaust. We were 4 billion at the time, 4 billion people deciding everyday what to make of it: a good day or a dark one. Now, 30 years later and 3 billion people more, the thought is still there, it hits me on the occasional bad day. It is important not to forget.


Last winter, I visited 9 concentration camps in Germany, Poland and Belgium, something I wanted to do for a long time. A road trip, waiting for the pain to hit. Not the deep sharp pain we feel in a split second when we anticipate the loss of a loved one. Not even the real pain, when such loss is there. A thousand times that pain, as if a huge wave hits you, more water than anyone can deal with. And after the wave, you know there is an ocean… It hit me in Buchenwald, and in Bergen Belsen. I am not a dark person, I can make it a good day. It is important not to forget. (2012)

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